Team North is Making Huge Changes to Their Coaching Staff

Team North announced on Friday the changing of their coach from Casper “ruggah” Due to North Academy coach Alexander “ave” Holdt.

Due has expressed his disdain with the decision on Twitter, inciting some to respond in discontent as well.

“I’m obviously disappointed with the decision since I’m sure I could’ve helped the team back to the top. With that being said I enjoyed working with the players and administrative staff in North and I will miss being part of the setup in Telia Parken,” said Due on Twitter. “Since the beginning of North I’ve worked hard to create and implement a main thread in and out of the game, to set a professional standard for a competitive environment in years to come. I’m sad that I don’t get to see this process through and discover what impact it can/will have in the future. I hope that North will endure succes and my (former) players will once again win trophies.”

Director of Esports in North, Jonas Svendsen, had a few words for the community, in explanation for the sudden change.
”We have looked long and hard at our setup and concluded, that we needed our First Team Coach to be in the office with the players every day. Due to Casper’s situation, that was not a possibility for him however,” said Svendsen, according to the Team North facebook page. “At the same time I am happy to see Alexander take up the reigns, and I have high hopes that he, together with MSL and the rest of the team, will turn around the current situation”.

When asked about the new position, Holdt did comment about his plans for the team.

“I am incredibly excited to take on the job as Norths First Team Coach,” said Holdt, according to Team North. “I want to create a distinct North playstyle together with the team, and from my time working as an analyst with them, I know that we share many of the same views on how to play the game”.

Holdt’s first event match with the team will be the closed qualifier for the IEM Katowice and cs_summit 2 in early February. They have also announced that they will soon be adding a new Academy Team Coach.


Image provided by: Mashable

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