SS Special: A Whole Different Ball Game – Museum of the Moving Image

Sports Trivia

What city hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics?

Answer: London, England
More information: London is the capital of England and is often known for the Queen’s Guards, The London Eye, and Big Ben.

New Sports Trivia

What year was the first Super Bowl played?

(Will show the answer on the next post)


Tennis For Two (1958) was the first sports video game.  On September 14, 2018 – March 10, 2019 the Museum of the Moving Image (36-01 35 Avenue, Astoria, NY 11106) will host A Whole Different Ball Game.  This event is an exhibit and presentation of a selection of 44 playable sports video games dating as far back as 1958 to the present.

Here is a list of just a few of the games that will be displayed:

Ø  Pong – Arcade 1972

Ø  Atari Football – Arcade 1978

Ø  Track and Field – Arcade 1983

Ø  NHL – Sega Genesis 1994

Ø  Wii Sports – Nintendo Wii 2006

Ø  Strat-o-Matic Baseball – Tabletop game 2018


A Whole Different Ball Game will be covering subjects like historical content, consoles vs. games displayed on monitors, vs. television; and much more.  Parents FYI, most of the content are appropriate for children 8 and older.

Museum of the Moving Imagae (

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